New Album: Evoke

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Evoke is due to be finished soon. I am aiming to release this album before the end of May.

Album Cover


  1. Dendral
  2. Resolve
  3. Asunder
  4. Evoke
  5. Anew
  6. Drone

Insular Album Release Soon

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The album has been uploaded and it will take time to process. I decided to forgo the original release date due to it being out of my hands (up to distribution time). Expect the official release soon.

Tracking For The Album Complete

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We’re still on schedule to release Uraeon’s first album this February. The album will be titled Insular. Here is the tracklist in order: Inmost, Saguntum, Resolute, Adrift, Impetus, Traverse, Insular, Eschaton.