Audio Interface: Audient Evo 4

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The microphone and speaker inputs are located on the rear of the device while the headphone and guitar inputs are in the front. It’s a shame this profile is not common in most devices because I think it makes for better cable management.

The casing is a sturdy satin plastic. Some reviews complained about this not being metal, but who cares? It feels strong regardless and looks great. The button layout and formatting are all very intuitive. The Smartgain mode is a nice touch. It allows the device to gauge and set the proper drive and volume to minimize audio clipping. Latency seems to be marginal and the drivers sound clean with my microphone. It’s plenty powerful and portable enough to throw in a bag. One major sell me for as well is that it takes care of my problem with Geforce Experience and now my mic audio is not panned to the left. Great for both gaming content and music production.

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